EPICUR annual FORUM, from 9th to 11th december in Karlsruhe

The EPICUR alliance will hold its first annual Forum in Karlsruhe from December 9th to 11th 2020, thanks to the work of our EPICUR teams around Europe and the great support of our EPICUR Student Board. It will be the time for us to gather all together, work, and also spend some more time discovering the environment of our colleagues in Karlsruhe.

Our Forum will allow local as well as European stakeholders and members of the university communities to gain more information on each EPICUR university. We will organise workshops, conferences, and most importantly a challenge which will be the time for our students and staff members to show our skills and ambitions.

Sustainability & Entrepreneurship

The theme of our Forum will evolve around the concepts of Sustainability and Entrepreneurship. The two topics are an infinite source of discoveries and invite our communities to build bridges across disciplines. It is also the kind of transdisciplinarity we want to implement within our programme of studies and mobility.


The Annual Forum in Karlsruhe will be organised around 2 programmes: one « Public Programme » and one « Internal Programme ».

Public Events (Online): 

Digital ERASMUS Feeling Challenge 

The “Digital ERASMUS Feeling” is a challenge set up to encourage students to think about and develop innovative approaches to European mobility in a virtual exchange semester. Due to Covid-19, travel and physical student exchange have come to a grinding halt in 2020. We want to take this as an opportunity to reflect and identify the most important experiences, competencies and skills that ERASMUS has brought to participants over thirty years (Part I), before we challenge students to explore new digital formats to create similar if not the same outcomes in a virtual semester abroad (Part II).   Providing European exchanges and intercultural experiences for three decades, the ERASMUS program has acquired an almost legendary status and promises to its participants what we deem the unique ERASMUS feeling. To aid students in their thought process, we want to collect stories and insights from former or current ERASMUS students. 

  • Audience: Students of the EPICUR Universities (all study levels)

Opening Speech by Vice-President Hirth (KIT)  

  • Audience: General Public  

Keynote Speech: Entrepreneurship  

Prof. Terzidis of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology will present his thoughts on teaching Entrepreneurship and developing successful entrepreneurial ecosystems around universities.  

  • Audience: General Public 

Keynote Advisory Board: Sustainability, Entrepreneurship & the SDGs (TBC) 

An advisory board member has been contacted about sharing their experiences in entrepreneurship and how they see those activities in relation to the SDGs & sustainable development more broadly. More information to follow.  

  • Audience: General Public

Workshop on Experiential Learning and Experimental Teaching 

In the current pandemic, digital and blended learning has gained new momentum. This has boosted innovation and creativity among university educators and e-Learning experts at the eight EPICUR partner universities. These technological and didactic advances should be integrated sustainably into the foundation of European Universities, transforming the culture of teaching and learning to meet the needs of students in the twenty-first century. The EPICUR Forum will offer a two-part event that explores the potentials and challenges of “Experiential Learning - Experimental Teaching,”, offering the opportunity to exchange and share out-of-the-box ideas about the future of digital and blended, Liberal Arts and Science inspired, education at European Universities.   The first part of the workshop focusing on “Experiential Learning” will engage university lecturers and didactic staff from all eight partners in a conversation about how to create a community of learning in a virtual space and how to transfer ‘future skills’ such as an entrepreneurial mind set through digital education.  The second part entitled “Experimental Teaching” offers an open floor to innovative and out-of-the-box ideas that aim to change the way we teach in a multitude of disciplines.  Framed by two keynotes on Future Skills and the Digitization of University Teaching, the “Experiential Learning and Experimental Teaching in the Virtual Setting” format will offer an interactive and inspiring experience for university educators and staff, as well as the interested public in the EPICUR regions.   

  • Audience: Teaching Staff & e-Learning Staff (Part I) & University Educators, Students & the General Public

Keynote “Climability 

The keynote speech should be on the issue of climate adaptation. This keynote will be given by an experienced entrepreneur that has adapted her/his affairs to climate change/sustainability challenges recently and who is willing to give some insights to the integration of sustainable actions in her/his economic affairs. Alternatively, the keynote could be given by a senior policy advisor of the EIT Climate-KIC to which AUTh has good contacts.  

  • Audience: General Public

Speech on Knowledge Transfer by the Example of KTUR*  Virtual Start-Up Tour 

The virtual start-up tour will feature contributions by start-ups (ideally) from the eight partner universities, showcasing the entrepreneurial spirit of the EPICUR community. Start-Ups will create introductory videos of about 7-10min, followed by an in-depth exchange about their respective challenges in the form of an interactive panel discussion. Each university has been asked to contribute one or two start-ups for the tour. Preference will be given to start-ups who have been established by students and members of partner universities and/or are driven by or build on innovations and developments from partner institutions and/or address challenges linked to questions of sustainable development, whether in terms of social, economic or natural sustainability.  

  • Audience: General Audience, Students & Staff interested in Entrepreneurship

Panel Discussion Young Entrepreneurs 

The Panel Discussion for Young Entrepreneurs is targeted towards all those who have played with the idea of becoming an entrepreneur. By bringing together especially young entrepreneurs (in terms of age but also in terms of experience), it seeks to inspire its audience and showcase the diverse experiences that people have made moving from the academic world into the economic sphere. But it will also address the challenges and hurdles that young entrepreneurs encounter, what solutions they have found and what support would be needed. Topics to be addressed: diversity & gender issues, immaterial and material resources, regional differences, sustainability, social justice… 

  • Audience: General Audience, Students & Staff interested in Entrepreneurship

Internal Project Meetings: 

Steering Committee Meeting: Online  

Advisory Board Meeting: Online  

Project Management Team Meeting

WP1 Project Officers Meeting

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